Father’s Day and the Master Gardner

Today is Father’s Day; a day we traditionally honor the many Dads across the land. As I enjoyed my morning coffee out on the deck, I notice the roses needed dead-heading, so I set down the coffee cup and picked up my pruning shears. Dead-heading is the process of cutting off the rose flowers that have past their prime. This makes the plant look better and promotes new growth. As I  continued working through the roses, God spoke to me and said,

“Just as you area working your garden, I must also work mine.”

Not being the brightest bulb in the world, I asked. “What do you mean?”

God said, “What do you do in your garden?” “

I plant new plants after preparing the soil, keep the garden free from weeds and rid the plants from parasites and disease, nurture the plants by watering and feeding, prune and dead-head as needed.”

Then I understood. I simple replied, “Thank you for caring enough to include me in your garden.”

Today I reflected on my Dad, the person who taught me about friendship, the person who taught me to look past the color of another person’s skin, the person who taught me about compassion and doing the right thing. How thankful I am that my Dad cared enough to teach me these things.

I also reflected on my children. Since they are adults now, I see them with a different perspective than a parent see younger children. They turned out pretty good, I think. I am not sure how much of that is due to anything I did or did not do. I hope I passed on to them the wisdom my Dad instilled in me.

A few weeks ago, I had the blessed opportunity to spend a week with my youngest daughter and her family in Dallas. Laura asked for my help in replacing a fence around their home. This meant working hard and playing with Gage, my Grandson. He is an eager learner. As I look at the photos, I have a clearer picture of how God works His garden.

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