50 Days and Counting

With certainty, I can say accumulating stuff is significantly easier than getting rid of stuff.  And S T R E S S? This phase of getting rid of stuff has been the MOST stressful thing we have ever done. Many of our RVing friends have warned us of that.

We survived empty nesting a second time when our beloved daughter and grandson moved into their own apartment after living with us for three years. We have survived watching some of our stuff leave for another home. I survived selling my 900+ square feet wood shop. My wife survived reducing her quilting space from 200+ square feet to under 15 square feet.

Our house sparkles to the point that if we were looking for a house and saw this one, we would buy it again. All walls have a fresh coat of paint, the floors shine for the first time in years and the counter tops are empty of accessories. Our home has become a house again – we no longer live there even though we are parked on the RV pad in front of the house.

Colinial Del ReyNext weekend, we officially move to Colonia Del Rey RV Resort in Corpus Christi as we finalize our transition. By moving off the pad in front of the house, we get sewer connections. People driving by our house will actually be able to see it instead of an RV. We can finally work on a little curb appeal.

Thanksgiving weekend will be a time to gather with our family as has been our tradition.  This year, our youngest daughter is hosting the family in her small apartment. This year we will not have a big out door project like taking down a couple of trees or pulling carpet out of the house. Instead, I think we will look for opportunities to take a bunch of family photos.  This will be the year for fun family fellowship mixed with fabulous food.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thanksgiving.

One response to “50 Days and Counting

  1. Congrats on taking a few more steps towards getting on the road! Your Thanksgiving Day plans sound just about right as well. From Rick and Paulette – I? managed to delete their comment instead of publishing it.

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