Which Way Is Home?

It is 7:15PM and I am sitting in front of Magic Nails in Jacksonville, while Carol is getting her nails and toes done (what ever that means). I’ve completed the other honey dos so as soon as Carol’s nails are done, we get to eat. Considering I only had a couple of home made Mac Muffins around 8ish this morning, that means I am pretty hunger.

Carol suggested going to CiCi’s for pizza but I’ve decided it is time for some place different. We know about CiCi’s pizza. They are good and they are quick and they are certainly inexpensive. I found a place called Michaelangelo’s Pizza & Subs. I do not recall going there so that settles it. One of our goals on this adventure we are on is to not eat in the common food chains unless that is all that’s available. Their menu looks pretty good and they are only about 3 miles from where we are. So as soon as Carol is done, we are headed for dinner.

We ordered a medium and got a large. Not sure what that was about but we do have leftovers for Thursday now.
   IMG 0046
That was one big pizza and it was sure good. It rates right up there next to BJ Pizza in Corpus Christi. 

Time to head home so on a whim, I asked Gertie (our GPS) to take us home. And she directed us home – a different way. Cool, there is another route between Jacksonville and Maysville. WRONG. About 20 miles down the road, it became apparent we were not going to Maysville. Not sure where Gertie thinks home is but I was not going to find out. I redirected Gertie to take us to Safe Harbor Farm. This time, Gertie took us back to Jacksonville where we started and directed us to the only route between Maysville from Jacksonville.

Note to self – before asking Gertie to take us home, make sure our Gertie know where home is. Meanwhile we took a scenic route through the country side in the dark.

Today’s deck work progressed very well. The goal was to get the deck material attached to the deck frame. I am not sure which is heavier, 5/4 x 6 x 16 feet composite decking or 5/4 x 6 x 16 treated pine. Both are equally heavy. The treated pine is more rigid thus it is easier to handle. The composite decking has a lot of flex to it which makes it difficult for one person to handle. TJ helped again today. He set the post for the stair support. When he got done he did say this was one job he was glad is over. Digging post holes is never a fun job.
   IMG 0026
After the last deck board was put in place, it was time to trim the edge. TJ made sure I got it trimmed just right. I would say the deck is starting to look like a deck

  IMG 0038 IMG 0043 IMG 0044 

While I worked on the deck today, Carol had the fun job of giving a cat a hair cut. This Persian cat was badly matted and only a buzz cut could get the mattes out. Sorry there is no photo of the cat. You know how touchy they can become.

Sure glad this day is over. We are both tired, and I am pretty sore from all the lifting. Thanks for stopping by.

One response to “Which Way Is Home?

  1. Some times we just do not understand our GPS "Maybell" either. But she is always polite unlike our last one.Building a deck is hard work.

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