Packing Time

Tonight’s post will be short and simple.

Deck project is done. I had a helper today so we were able to get the lattice skirted around the cabin. Then came the task of cleaning up the job site. Trash went to trash, useable scrap went to wood crib, tools went back to our home. Cabin looks pretty good. No photo to post caused I just did not take one of the competed project.

Carol took time to day to start packing the inside. Lots of stuff to get stowed away. She did take part of the day to teach one of the workampers how to groom a ShihTzu. In addition to all that, she found time to get the laundry done.

We went to Andy’s for dinner tonight. Just had to have one more of their good burgers before we left town. I went off the deep end tonight and had chili cheese fries with my burger. That’s OK because I offset the calories with a Diet Pepsi.

Tomorrow, Carol had cat duty in the morning. After that, we need to make a trip to New Bern to visit the ATT store. We are making one minor change to our account and wanted Teresa to get the credit for the change. Also, I need to stop by Lowe’s to replace my skill saw. The bearings are going out on the one I have. It has lasted a long time. Not sure what I will get just yet. Before we head back, the truck is in need of a serious bath. When we get back, I get to stow away my tools and hopefully wash the rig.

Like I said, short and simple. Thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “Packing Time

  1. From my experience, men ALWAYS find a reason to buy another or a new tool. Strange……

  2. Phyllis, Phyllis,Please take a look at our January post believe you will discover the same truth that I have discovered. While Carol may have fewer toys, the cost of her toys exceeds the cost of my toys. 🙂

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