The Grass Is Blue

We were at the meat counter at Ingel’s checking out their sea food options today. I had to ask the store staff what day it was. For some that may seem a little odd. For us, well, that is just normal. We no longer know what day it is. If it not for reading my friends postings on FaceBook, or looking at a computer every now and then I can get lost in time. PS – I am not sure where that rambling is going so I’ll just reign it back in.

If today is Thursday, then tomorrow is Friday. Friday is Carol’s birthday. Friday is also the evening our host, Jerry and Pam are having a dinner in celebrating Pam and Carol’s birthdays, and thanking Dennis and Mattie for 6 months of caring for the llamas.

Saturday is the day our mentoring workampers are leaving for Branson, MO. Then Sunday is Easter Sunday. That is important for many reasons which I just may get into Friday or Saturday. Since today is Thursday, we were invited to the Gilmer Senior Citizen Center to listen to Dennis jam with a blue grass group. This was his last time to play with the group.
   DSC 2362
That’s Dennis on the left, in front of the closet door. He plays guitar and 5-string banjo. Here is another photo of Dennis with Mattie in the foreground.
   DSC 2374
We have enjoyed meeting them and hope to cross paths with them in the future. Our list of folks we’ve met on the road continues to grow. It was apparent the Dennis and Mattie found some fun stuff to do while here for six months.

  DSC 2375 DSC 2365 

When we got back to the farm, I noticed the light was on in the guys’ barn. OOPS. I forgot to turn that off this morning.

Tomorrow being Friday is our last day to be mentored by Dennis and Mattie. Saturday, we are on our own. They have done a good job transferring their knowledge to us so we should be OK.

Tonight we have rain, so tomorrow, the pastures should be good and wet. Probably too wet to take the chuck wagon around for poop scooping That means we have to execute plan B. I’ll explain tomorrow.

I leave you with one more photo of the Blue Grass jam session at the Gilmer Senior Citizen Center.
   DSC 2371
Thanks for stopping by.

2 responses to “The Grass Is Blue

  1. Happy Birthday to Carol a day early! Hope you have a great celebration tomorrow.

  2. Happy birthday, Carol.

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