Cold Start

WOW! It was 37 at our RV this morning. That was pretty chilly. Today is our Friday so we had to get up and go to work at 8AM. One cup of coffee was not enough to keep the chill from my bones. In addition to it being cold, it was also very foggy.

We were sorta on our own this morning. Our workamping mentors left early this morning. They wanted to get a head start on the Friday afternoon traffic. They honked as they drove off, we waved back. For Dennis and Mattie, happy trails. Hope to see you again down the road some place.
   IMG 0128
It may be difficult to see them in the photo, but if you look real hard, you can see them pulling out through the fog. We will miss them.

We got the girls fed on time. The babies were walked and led into and out of their trailer. The doggies also got fed and treated as expected. While Carol finished up in the girls’ barn with Pam, I took off to the see the guys. Out of six guys, only one was being a little stubborn. In fact he was so stubborn that he almost did not get fed this morning. Pam had to coax him in. She said something about he was upset or mad at the other guys which would cause him to not want to come in to eat. I do not feel bad.

After we get the animals fed and fields cleaned, we then deliver our load to a local farmer down the road. He likes the poop because it attracts dung beetles which in turn decomposes the poop into a fertilizer for the soil.
   IMG 0129
I am standing as vertical as possible on the steep incline. You can see the slope by looking at the trees in the background. Since the chuck wagon is pointing up hill, it is much easier to dump the load down hill. Once we got the chuck wagon back to the barn, I gassed it up so we are good to go for another week.

I decided to post a photo of some of our working tools because we really do not scoop the poop. We either sweep it or rake it if the pile is in a grassy area. The scoop is actually a large shop dust pan. These probably came from Lowes. Home Depot also sells them. They work very well in delivering the load to the chuck wagon.
   IMG 0130
One of the reasons Windy Valley Llamas ask for a six month commitment, is that it takes a little while to get the llamas accustomed to the workampers. Dennis told me it takes between 4 – 6 weeks for the animals to get comfortable around their handlers. So, by mid May, we should all be grooving.

We got done with the morning chore around 10:30. After cleaning up, I fixed Taco’s (not as good as what we could get in Corpus Christi). We then headed for town to check out the locations of a couple of church we plan to check out tomorrow. Then we drove into downtown to see what is happening. Blue Ridge is a tourist town that attract visitors from all over. Many of those tourist are from Atlanta which is 1 1/2 hours away or Chattanooga which is about 1 hour away. We are off on Monday so we will come back and take a walking tour of Historic Downtown Blue Ridge when there are fewer people.

Remember that yellow pollen stuff we found in North Carolina? Well, it is all over here now. I will probably turn in early tonight since my eyes are puffy and my nose is runny. Hopefully a good night’s rest will fix me up for a super resurrection Sunday celebration. Hope you are planning on attending church on Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by.

One response to “Cold Start

  1. Hope it is warmer for you today. Wishing you a Joyous Easter and hope you find a church that you enjoy.

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