Winter Is Back

Burr it was cold this morning. We purchased a new Indoor/Outdoor thermometer while at Tractor Supply the other day. This one has a remote external temperature sensor. I can Velcro mount this outside of the trailer so we can monitor outside temperature with out needing to open the door to experience the weather in real time. When I got up this morning around 6:30, the outside temperature read 27 degrees. Really? While we prefer cooler weather rather than hot weather this is a cooler than we expected. Fortunately, it warms up quickly. By the time we were done with our chores this morning, temperature was approaching the 60’s. For our Texas Gulf Coast friends, that is probably pretty cool. For us it is pretty nice.

After chores, Carol and I went to the Art Center. I was interested in attending a class on using Photoshop Element. We joined the Art Center and I am considering entering a photo int the Blue Ridge Mountain Photographers 2012 National Juried Nature and Fine Art Photography Exhibit. That is pretty cool. Not sure I even have a chance of having my photo selected for the exhibit but it will be a fun learning experience.

Back to the Photoshop Element class – actually 12 hours of classroom training. The instructor is a professional photographer who has used the software for several years. She also uses and teaches classes on Adobe Photoshop CS5. There are 7 in the class. We are all amateur photographers. It has been a while since I’ve used Photoshop but it is coming back. I am also considering joining the Photographer Club as well. This will give me a chance to network with some professional and semi-pro photographers.

Carol has been teaching herself water color. Actually she was given a set of videos by Mattie the previous workamper. Tomorrow I will take some photos of her work. She is getting the concepts and has some pretty cool work. This is something she has wanted to do for some time. I am glad she has the opportunity to do it.

After we got back from the class at Art Center, Carol went to cleanup the girls barn and feed the doggies. I took our doggies for a long walk. They needed one for the exercise and the attention. There is an abandoned golf course near by that we will be talking Cody and Qianna to soon so they can run all they want.

Tomorrow is a shaping up to be a hard work day. We have to move hay, between 8 to 12 bales of hay to be exact. Getting the hay from where it is stored to the boys barn is pretty easy. Getting the hay up to the loft in the boys barn is the chore part.

Thanks for stopping by.

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