Weekend with Laura and Gage

Day 3 of Laura and Gage’s visit was Saturday. one more state park, swimming in a lake and another hike for water fall photos. We had a light breakfast because we were taking a picnic lunch to the park. Where you ask? Vogel State Park. This park is located just south of Blairsville, GA on US Highway 19/129 in the Chattahoochee National Forest at the base of Blood Mountain. Vogel State Park has lots of amenities: camp sites, cabins, swimming, hiking trails, and more. Gage had a wonderful time swimming in Lake Trahlyta. We even had a chance to share our RV lifestyle with a family there from Sarasota, Florida.
   DSC 0295
After a picnic lunch, Laura and I took off for a close-up view of Trahlyta Falls. I can hardly call the hike a hike since it is pretty flat and level for about a mile. Then at the bottom of the lake, a short trail descends to the lower falls. Once at the bottom, the view is pretty cool. Trahlyta Falls drops 110 feet so while the distance is not spectacular, the waterfall is pretty cool.
   DSC 0306
We encountered a rather large family group who showed very little respect for basic hiking rules (i.e., stay on the trail, don’t leave trash behind). We waited for this group to leave the platform at the base of the falls. A park ranger was bring different group down to the falls. She called out to the adults who were way off trail and even warned the adults to coral the small kids who where all over the place. As I side note, I am amazed when I see folks who have complete disregard for park rules. Even more amazing, is the behavior that could lead to a serious accident. Walking trails in flip-flops may be ‘cool’ but it is certainly not safe. The teenagers in the group that followed us to the platform thought it wold be cool if they all sat on the railing. One slip and a fun weekend could turn into a disaster. OK, I’ll get off my soap box.

I experimented a little more with slow shutter photography. The idea is the get the water to look like cotton.
   DSC 0314
When Laura and I returned, we packed up and headed to one final destination. We were very close to Brasstown Bald. This peak is the tallest spot in Georgia (4,784 feet). The short road up to the parking area is pretty steep with grades exceeding 12%. From the parking area, there is a hiking trail to the summit. This 1/2 mile trail goes up 500 feet. The trail is paved and there are places along the way to take breaks. Th easy way to the top is by shuttle from the parking lot. The heat provided a haze in the sky so the views were not very clear.
   DSC 0335 DSC 0336
I can only imagine what the trip up is like in the spring when the Rhododendron are in full bloom.

I thought I could get Sunday’s activities in this post. That ain’t gonna happen. You will just have to come back tomorrow to see what we did Sunday. We were blessed with pretty good weather. It was a bit warm but the low humidity made the heat tolerable.

Thanks for stopping by.

One response to “Weekend with Laura and Gage

  1. Beautiful looking waterfalls, Jerry, and nice job on the photography. If we're ever in that area, we'll be sure to visit there.About the floor in our 5'er – it came like that. It's called Beaufloor and is more like a lino than actual laminate. We like it though as it's easy to care for and warm on the feet.

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