Miscellaneous Musings

We have had a couple of days of very mild temperatures. So mild that in the morning our temperatures start in the mid 50‘s and climb to a toasty 65 by 10 AM. By mid afternoon temperatures have soared into the mid 80‘s. Our friends from The East Heads West are in Ten Sleep, Wyoming where it is HOT. It is so hot, the folks working outside decided to start at 6:30AM to take advantage of cooler temperatures. Our family in Texas report it is still HOT. Temperatures vary from high 90’s to low 100’s. When we get back to Texas in October we will experience a temperature shock.

Baby Llamas

Saturday was breeding day at the farm. The boys and girls got a chance to play together. Ricky, Cricket, and Smudge where happy campers. Major Deal and Rudy where not so happy since they were not selected to be a partner.

We now have 2 llamas who are due very soon. Magic is due this month, Bonita is due next month. Plus we have three who hopefully will produce babies in about 300 days or so. The two babies born in May and June are growing up nicely and learning how to do things like wearing a halter and being led into the transport trailer.


No not mononucleosis. Mono as related to sound. I wear two hearing aids. This enables me to hear in stereo. That is a pretty cool thing because hearing in stereo lets me figure out the location of sounds. I like to think stereo hearing provides depth. Sunday I switched from stereo to mono because one of my hearing aids decided it was tired. After applying basic troubleshooting techniques, such as make sure the aid had a good fresh battery and the tubes in hearing aid were not clogged, I determined that one of my two hearing aids experienced a catastrophic failure.

Fortunately, I have one of my older hearing aids for such a time as this. Of course I had no batteries for it, so after church, we are shopping for hearing aid batteries. Insert battery, check. Adjust volume, check. I can hear you now. But wait, the sound is really strange. The old aid uses old technology so the sound alterations are pretty simple. The new aid does a much better job at adjusting sound. Needless to say, I will miss the hearing aid for a couple of weeks. I need to send it to my audiologist in Corpus Christi, who will apply hearing aid CPR. If she cannot wake it up, it will need to go to the factor for major surgery. The fee for this will be costly but not nearly as costly as a new hearing aid. I’m counting on major surgery at the factory not total replacement.


Carol continues working on her quilting project and I have completed a few minor projects around the RV. I will be ordering parts to repair the damage I did back in June. Plus I have to patch the dump bed of the ChuckWagon. The bed was repaired a couple of years ago but rust has taken its toll.

Well, that’s about it for life on the farm. The Olympics are over, football season is just around the corner and in six weeks we head back to Texas.

Thanks for stopping by – y’all come back now.

One response to “Miscellaneous Musings

  1. Can’t believe you had 56 degrees. I just spent several hours soaking in a friends little pool to cool down. Also can’t believe how fast the time is flying. Only 6 more weeks till TX! Looking forward to your arrival.

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