Butt Patrol and Other Stuff

There is a new sheriff in town and he’s coming after ya and there is no place to hide.  If I offend my smoking friends, I’ll apologize now.

IMG_1051I normally end my workday by going on Butt Patrol. We work hard on keeping this RV park clean and that means picking up what others are too lazy to toss in a trash can. My 5-gallon pail and Niftty Grabbers come in handy for this job. The picture above was taken in the parking lot adjacent to the water park. Why are people so rude? Now I realize that smokers need a place to deposit their butts. We have butt cans at all entrances however that does seem to be the answer. Apparently this butt can was not clearly identified.

IMG_1050I have a suggestion for smokers. Please keep your butts to yourself. Meaning, when you are done smoking, stick the butt in your pocket or purse. Nasty? Yep – that’s the idea. You smoke ’em, you keep ’em. I do not need the job security.

We survived the mid-year July 4th weekend with no problems. In fact, the crowd was very well-behaved. Our redneck neighbors where not here so that helped keep things quiet on our end of the street. The RVers even respected our No Fireworks rule. The water park saw its largest attendance on Friday and Saturday with over 1,000 people taking advantage of our wave pool and slides each day.

Meanwhile, while not on Butt Patrol, I was busy working. Two projects rounded out my week. Replaced a threshold and laid about 300 sq.ft. of roofing. I did not get a before picture of the door but here is the after.

IMG_1052The original threshold was completely rotted away. Someone had secured an aluminum threshold on the floor inside the door, not under the door. There was a cement ramp in front of the door that was all busted and cracked so it got replaced as well. When all was done, there was no visible light under the door and the delivery fellow liked the new ramp.

Next project was the roof. The roof was in bad shape. Roll roofing was the covering of choice 20+ years ago when this section was added to the main building. The roof covered the dry storage area of the kitchen. Our cook commented that the dry storage area was not very dry especially after a rain.

IMG_1054Removing the old roll roofing material was effortless. I am surprised the material did not just blow off with any wind. My buddy, Pete is at the top of the photo where you can see how wet the plywood is under the rotted material. That all dried up before we laid down the roofing felt.

We discovered wood-rot along the edge of the roof as well. Apparently the roof had been repaired in the past. The original roof covering was OSB board, NEVER use OSB on any roof. It is cheap and you get what you pay for. The OSB was covered with  1/2″ plywood but none of the seams were sealed which meant when rain water penetrated the rotted roll roofing, water made its way to the OSB by way of the seams. This photo shows how rotted the edge of the roof was. Once I cut through the plywood, the exposed, wet OSB crumbled like soggy bread.IMG_1056After working three mornings, the roof was done. Flashing was added around the satellite platforms so rainwater would flow around the platforms, not under them. Monday and Tuesday were the hottest days of the summer. Heat index was pushing 105. Working on the roof those days was challenging but it got done.

IMG_1061Another successful project completed by Dr. Phyxit.

Our weekend is here again. YEA! I think we will go shopping for a couple of recliners. I might even take a picture or two along the way. I leave you with a photo of an old barn. I wonder what stories it could tell.

DSC_0562Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.

One response to “Butt Patrol and Other Stuff

  1. Bob & Carol Higginbotham

    Hello, hope that all is well with the two of you. We are doing alright. I am having some issues that I have had for 30 years and they have just now identified as myasyee Gravis. I have had balance problems for 30 years along with ringing in my left ear. Was told years ago that I would have to live with it.. A year ago I started having some double vision and burning on the inside of my legs like a really bad sunburn. Finally found a doctor to listen to me and thru a blood test it was confirmed . Now I have a neurologist and neuro-opthomomolisist SP?. Trying to find the right combination of meds to control this. There are only about 14 cases out of 100,000. Aren’ I a lucky lady LOL!!! The funny thing is that I ask them to do this blood test many years ago and they said that I did not have it. There is no cure but it can be controlled. My sister has the balance and ringing and has felt terrible since she was 35 the same age that I was when mine first started. She is 6 years younger than me and she in the last few days has experienced some double vision. Very, very rare for siblings to have. So I guess that we me referred to as the lucky sisters. Wish that they would offer us free health care. LOL!! So much for me Bob said to send Jerry a message. He said that he would rather pick up cigarette butts than to pick up what come out of a llamas butt. He thought that that was funny hope that you andCarol get a good laugh . See s that Jerry is staying busy. Kind of hot to be roofing. Glad that the roofing is finished. What does Carol do there at the Campground? Hope that you family is doing well. My Dad just had his 90th birthday. He is still doing well. I only hope that if we make it that long that we do as well. Bob is driving a bus for a assisted living. He gets about 20 hours per week, he seems to like it. I am keeping a 7month old and a 4 year old. When I get to feeling better may get 2 more children. Are you enjoying the MH better than the 5th wheeler? Are you planning on coming back to the Ilama farm anytime soon? How long do you plan on staying there where you are now? Well better get busy. Take care, stay safe and remember that God is Good. Bob & Carol

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