Tuesday’s Post on Wednesday

I was so bummed about world news yesterday, that I just did not post. Today you are getting yesterdays post a day late.

Last week I connected with a Weekly Pet Share Event. You met Cody, our Golden Retriever. Today you will meet MeiLing. She is our newest pet.

IMG_1136She is not very modest when she sleeps. MeiLing is a Chinese Crested (powder puff) who adopted us in October 2012 when we were in Pipe Creek, TX. (Pipe Creek is just a short trip Northwest of San Antonio, TX.)

She and Cody (aka Big Dog) get along just fine. MeiLing’s small size does not keep her from taunting Cody.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.



11 responses to “Tuesday’s Post on Wednesday

  1. She’s a cutie Jerry! 😉 ~Elle

  2. Do you get many comments directed to you about a macho man walking an unusual breed of dog Jerry.?
    I see (well I think I see) you have her clipped French poodle style – how long is her coat when she isn’t clipped and does she moult much?

    • Cathy, actually MeiLing is a what I would call a ‘chick magnet’ When I walk her with Cody, young ladies often make a comment about how cute she is. When I walk Cody alone, there are fewer comments.
      Chinese Crested breed are either hairless or a ball of fur, thus the term ‘Powder Puff’. Her coat is a fur like coat similar to the coat of a poodle – only not as curly. Dogs with a coat of fur do not moult. They must be groomed. Cody, on the other hand, moults quiet heavily.
      I will post another photo of her before we have her groomed so you can see how full her coat can be.

  3. Many of us were bummed yesterday. It continues into today.

    But pups always cheer the owners up. Right?

  4. MeiLing is just gorgeous!! and I love her name. Thank you for for sharing with us 💖

  5. I have a column in Humoring the Goddess called “Sunday Evening Unique Art” (unless I change my mind and call it something else). I don’t always get to post on Sundays like I started out doing. So don’t worry if you don’t post every day — you know we will be here whenever you return!

  6. MeiLing is absolutely adorable! She looks absolutely silky! 🙂

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