Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee Neuner is an avid photographer and issues a variety of photo challenges for bloggers. This weeks challenge is to post photographs of Bikes and Motorcycles.

This photo was taken after our first snowfall in January.


Snow Bike

This motorcycle is a photo of a photo. My dad is the rider and the year was 1930’s. Photo taken in Elroy, Texas


Dapper Dad

Then this is me in 1964 preparing to load up the evening news papers for my delivery route. Photo taken in Houston, Texas.


Newspaper Boy

Thanks for coming along. If you want to add your special bike or motorcycle photos, click Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge image at the top of the post.


8 responses to “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

  1. Hi Jerry, I love the one with your dad. Second is you a (few) years ago. 😉 Good luck with the contest! Jana


  2. The one of your Dad on the bike is certainly one to treasure (and pass down to the grandchildren), my favourite is the red bike in the snow!

  3. I also have a photo similar to the one of your Dad, one of mine – it must be the hairstyle and clothes – very similar. These hard copy photos are very precious as they are so fragile, once gone that’s it! On the other hand, with technology, we have the ‘conservation across the generations’ to address – who gets, or how are handed down, the digital family memories. What happens to them when we are not here, do we need to select and make hard copies for future generations?

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