Photography 101 – Day 1: Home Is Where We Park It

We live in an RV and travel from place to place. We stay in one location for a short period of time then move on to another location. When people ask us, where is our home, we simply say, “Home is where we park it.”

Of the three years we have traveled, the best location we’ve had for parking our RV cannot be easily determined. I give you two photos for today’s Photography101 theme.

IMG_0724This is the view that greeted us each day as we stepped out of our RV. We were working at Windy Valley Llamas in Blue Ridge, Georgia during the summer of 2012. The barn in the photo was ‘home’ for the male llamas.

IMG_1004This is the street view of our ‘home’. We were working at Mark Twain Landing in Monroe City, Missouri during the summer of 2013.

Our locations change, but “Home Is Where We Park It“. Every place we’ve park, we’ve met new people who are now life long friends.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.



12 responses to “Photography 101 – Day 1: Home Is Where We Park It

  1. What an exciting life you and your wife are living! Home is where you both park it and enjoy each other. Street view was cool. So you working for Google Maps now? 🙂
    I missed the registration for Photography 101. So I am going to learn through you… Professor Jerry … aka Professor WagginMaster!

  2. Visited Blue Ridge this past year. Gorgeous countryside! Going to have to come back here when I have more time to browse your entire blog!

  3. How long do you usually stay in one place Jerry? ~Elle

  4. I love Blue Ridge, Ga! We nearly moved to Blairsville, just above it! 🙂

  5. I’m a horse lover. Ever parked where you saw horses every day?

    • Judy, we’ve never parked or worked in an area with horses around. However, we did visit Bandera, TX a couple of times in the fall of 2012. Bandera is known as the Cowboy Capital of Texas. It was not unusual to drive into town and see horses tied to posts in the same parking area as cars. We wanted to work at a ranch in East Texas tending horses but never could come to agreement with the rancher.

  6. “Home is where we park it” — love this. I’ll always think of this whenever I look at my tiny home. We’re currently narrowing down the location of where we’ll first park it, so this phrase hits home (pardon the pun).

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