A Stroll Through Our RV Park

The other day, I took a stroll through the park. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining and the air was crisp. So I took a few photos.
KOA MAP-1I started at the at the bottom right of the map by the office. Then moved around the perimeter of the RV park going up on the right (Cat Lane), across the top (Easy Street), then down the left side (Low Road).

IMG_2614These are three of five primitive camping cabins K1-K3. Cabin K4 is hidden behind K2 in the photo. K5 is across the street.

IMG_2615Turning around, I caught a photo of K5. These cabins are primitive, meaning there are beds for sleeping only. Bath and shower facilities are in the main building, not in the cabins.

IMG_2616Moving up Cat Lane to Dylan Way, we can see some of the tent sites. These are primitive ten sites with no water or electricity.

IMG_2617A look back down Cat Lane showing some of the RV sites on the right.

IMG_2620Site 32 on Easy Street is one of our most popular sites. It has a lots of green space, large fire pit and free entertainment from our two roosters and the rest of the hens.

IMG_2621Here is a view down Ladybug Lane. That is our RV on the right. More RV sites are on the left.

IMG_2622This is High Road in the new area of the park. These sites are designed to accommodate big rigs 40 feet and longer.

IMG_2624This is a trail that takes hikers 3 miles (4.8km) up to the top of Massnutten Mountain. I may be adventurous one day and take that hike.

IMG_2626There is a small creek that runs along the North side of the property and near the group tent area. The creek has not flooded the tent area – yet.

IMG_2630This is a view through one of the tent camping areas where water and electricity is provided. These two deluxe cabins include three sleeping areas, bathroom and showers as well as microwave and sink. They also have propane and charcoal grills on the deck and a large fire pit.

IMG_2631The covered pavilion is used for group activities such as arts and crafts as well as social gatherings.

IMG_2633And that brings us back to our site (#37). We have lots of room and will have plenty of shade once all the trees are full of leaves.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. When are you coming to visit?

Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.


4 responses to “A Stroll Through Our RV Park

  1. I would love to visit. 😀

  2. Didn’t take you long to settle in did it Jerry! Have you been to that area before?
    Take care

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