Changes to Make to Windows 10 Configuration

After installing Windows 10, there are a few things that I changed

  1. Yes, it is true. Windows will force updates on you when you least expect it. For some folks that may be OK. For others on limited bandwidth, that may be a problem. And that just plan sucks. However, I can control how updates are installed in my PC.
    Go To Settings > Update & recovery > Windows Update > Advanced options. Under Choose how updates are installed, pick Notify to schedule restart from the drop-down menu.
    Win10 Update 1
  2. I hate those instant notifications that show up on my phone. Fortunately, I can turn off ‘notifications’ from Windows 10.
    Go To Settings > System > Notifications & actions and turn off the various notifications — tips about Windows, app notifications, and lock screen notifications.
    Win10 Update 2
  3. Wi-Fi Sense This is a scary one (maybe). Why would I want to even use that. Let’s say I go to my daughter’s home and want to connect to her WiFi. Using WiFi Sense technology, I can now do that without asking for her WiFi password. That makes sense (I think). The problem is that I cannot choice individuals I want to allow to access my WiFi’s. I can choose which application can connect to my WiFi. This means all my Facebook friends or Outlook contacts, etc. No thank you, I think it would be safer to just give my password to family members as needed. This allows me to control the Wi-Fi sharing business individually.
    Go to Settings, Network and Internet, Wi-Fi, Advanced Manage Wi-Fi Settings.  Turn off everything.Win10 Update 3
    For more info on WiFi Sense, check out this article Thew logic is simple. If you are not sure about using something, disable it.
  4. Privacy Stuff – Looks like Microsoft is getting a bit Facebook. Step through these 13 categories under Setting/Privacy and decide which ones you want to disable. After you disable stuff here, shut your PC off and restart. Go back and check to see if any of the items you turned off are back on. If you trust Microsoft, you can skip this step.
    For more info related to privacy, check out this article.

Hope this has been helpful. Thanks for stopping by. Y’all come back now.



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