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Life on Purpose—What to Do When Dreams & Goals Fizzle

When life circumstances delivers a bushel of of rotten fruit or when you find yourself in a place different from your plans, it can be difficult to march on. I have several family members and friends who feel like the wind is gone from their sail. Rather than live in defeat, chose to live in significance. Enjoy this read form Karen Lamb.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Original image via Lucy Downey from Flickr Creative Commons Original image via Lucy Downey from Flickr Creative Commons

We’re a few weeks out from the New Year and many of us are struggling. I don’t think I am saying anything crazy when I assert that most of us would LIKE to improve. We want to learn and grow and be better over time. No one dreams about being broke, stressed, overweight and unhappy. That’s a given and you might even laugh at that notion.

Yet, nature abhors a vacuum.

I dream of a floor I can’t find because I’m SO behind on laundry it’s more of an archaeological project than housework.


Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.33.50 AM

But I need to ask the hard question: If we aren’t dreaming of all that bad stuff? What are we dreaming about?

I’ve consulted countless business people and writers. Conversations are VERY telling. Some people are so afraid of failing that they never make a decision. Yet…

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Inspiring simplicity

Mikes thoughts on Inspiring Simplicity are worth the read. There is something different about 2015. Can you feel it in the air? I can. Enjoy the read.

a coffee break with mike

2015 is the year I return to the core of what makes our world so attractive. I’m embracing simplicity, and using it for inspiration.

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