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Photography 101 Day 9 – Mystery

Just could not resist snapping this cool Orchid.

IMG_2435Since I doubt you will ever solve the mystery of where I found this, I’ll just tell you – the floral department of our local grocery store.

It’s name? Indigo Mystique. Found a solution to today’s Photo101 theme in a grocery store. Mystery solved.


Day 8: Natural World & Leading Lines

Instead of leaves, most cacti have spines or scales (which are modified leaves). These spines and scales do not lose water through evaporation (unlike regular leaves, which lose a lot of water). The spines protect the cactus from predators (animals that would like to eat the cactus to obtain food and/or water).

I like the lines in this cactus plant that is behind our RV at Amarillo Ranch RV. By the way, those thorns or thistles really hurt when they penetrate human skin. OUCH!

08a DSC_0170

Thistle Cholla (Cylindropuntia tunicata)
Amarillo Ranch RV, Amarillo, Texas

Then there is this mystery plant with cool geometrical lines.

08b DSC_0168

Mystery Plant
Amarillo Ranch RV, Amarillo, Texas

This Chinese Lantern caught my attention at the Amarillo Botanical Garden.

08c DSC_0153

Chinese Lantern (Abutilon ‘Tiger Eye’)
Amarillo Botanical Garden, Amarillo, Texas

So I got a closer look.

08d DSC_0154

Chinese Lantern (Abutilon ‘Tiger Eye’)
Amarillo Botanical Garden, Amarillo, Texas

Then I remembered to change my POV (point of view). I looked up.

Chinese Lantern (Abutilon 'Tiger Eye') , Amarillo Botanical Garden

Chinese Lantern (Abutilon ‘Tiger Eye’)
Amarillo Botanical Garden, Amarillo, Texas

I am glad I did. And finally, I leave you with this mystery duck.

08f DSC_0161

Mystery Duck
Amarillo, Botanical Garden, Amarillo, Texas

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Photography 101 Day 7: Big & Point of View

Most folks know that everything is BIG in Texas. For our assignment today, I decided to show you some local attractions that a Texan’s point of view of BIG.


Cross of Groom
Groom, Texas

Cross of Groom, about 45 miles east of Amarillo, TX, is a 190-foot (58 m) tall free-standing cross. Drivers on Interstate 40 can see this big structure from 20 miles (32km) in either direction.


Combine City
Canyon, Texas

Not to be out done by the Cadillac Ranch, where 10 Cadillacs are planted nose-first in the ground west of Amarillo, or  the Slug Bug Farm, where 5 Volkswagen Beetles are planted nose-first in the ground east of Amarillo, this farmer went BIG and planted 14 combine harvesters nose-first in the ground to create Combine City.


Combine City
Canyon, Texas

Did you notice the bright blue sky in these photos? That is what we Texans like to call BIG Sky. I know Montana also claims the BIG Sky moniker. BIG Sky refers to wide open sky.

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Patches At The Rainbow Bridge

I introduced you to Patches on a post February 17, 2015. I certainly never expected to be writing this post three weeks later. This past Saturday, March 7th, we took Patches to the vet for her last visit. I will warn you now, that this is not going to be a pretty post. I will understand if you choose to not read the rest of it.

In October 2014, Patches had her annual physical. Other than the vet treating her for eczema, she was fine. Shortly after that post in February, Patches began to develop difficulty in eating. She was already missing most of her teeth due to an infection we discovered four years ago. Apparently, in the last few weeks she lost all but two teeth. For the last two weeks we tried a variety of things to get her to eat but nothing worked. We took her to a local vet who prescribed an oral pain medication and appetite stimulants. Patches improved for a short while, then she regressed to a point where she would not eat anything at all. She even refused to be hand fed. We knew it was time.

We already had an appointment for Patches on March 7th, but that was for a followup on her previous appointment. Instead of a followup, we chose to do the humane thing and help her meet up with Buddy, Sheba, and many of our other pets at the Rainbow Bridge. It was a sad to say  good-bye to our faithful Patches, and it was even more difficult as we held her in our arms as she took her last breath. We stayed with her for a while as we shed tears of sorry over her.

We talked about how I resisted Carol bring her into our home in April 1998. We laughed at the funny things we recalled especially Patches climbing into suit cases as we packed for various trips; then cried a bit more. We discussed how to deal with her body. In our house in Corpus Christi, we had a special spot for our pets in our rose garden in back yard near our deck.  Sheba and Buddy are buried there along with a few kittens who just could not muster the strength to continue. (Carol fostered stray kittens for a short time.)

IMG_2419We decided we would bury Patches at Adobe Pet Cemetery in Amarillo. Eventually the waves of grief left us momentarily so we could leave the vet’s office. We contacted the pet cemetery to make arrangements.

The owners called us Sunday after church to let us know that they had her remains and would have her grave ready for us to view on  Monday.

Monday morning, we drove out to the cemetery to meet with the owner and to see where they placed her. We are pleased with our decision and are pleased with what they have done with her site. Next week, we will make a final trip to the cemetery to place a permanent marker that I will make for her.


RIP Sweet Patches 4/24/98 – 3/7/15
You brought us joy.

Many people cannot understand our grieving over the loss of a pet. We love our pets and consider them an extension of our family. To lose a pet is to lose a family member. That is why we grieve. We will be leaving a part of our hearts in Amarillo, TX when we leave at the end of March. Our journey goes on. We leave with the memories of our Patches.

If you’ve never heard of the Rainbow Bridge, it certainly helps pet owners deal with the grief associated with pet loss.

So long sweet Patches. The grief will go away, but our memories of you will remain forever.


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