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Photography 101 Day 7: Big & Point of View

Most folks know that everything is BIG in Texas. For our assignment today, I decided to show you some local attractions that a Texan’s point of view of BIG.


Cross of Groom
Groom, Texas

Cross of Groom, about 45 miles east of Amarillo, TX, is a 190-foot (58 m) tall free-standing cross. Drivers on Interstate 40 can see this big structure from 20 miles (32km) in either direction.


Combine City
Canyon, Texas

Not to be out done by the Cadillac Ranch, where 10 Cadillacs are planted nose-first in the ground west of Amarillo, or  the Slug Bug Farm, where 5 Volkswagen Beetles are planted nose-first in the ground east of Amarillo, this farmer went BIG and planted 14 combine harvesters nose-first in the ground to create Combine City.


Combine City
Canyon, Texas

Did you notice the bright blue sky in these photos? That is what we Texans like to call BIG Sky. I know Montana also claims the BIG Sky moniker. BIG Sky refers to wide open sky.

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