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Mystery Meat

I went grocery shopping yesterday. It was time to replenish our dwindling stock of nourishment. We are almost done. Deli meat was all that was left on our grocery list.

So, I am standing at the deli counter looking for my favorite brand of turkey. Well, maybe my second favorite brand. And I did not see the Mesquite Turkey Breast that I really like. I had to either go to another store or settle for my least favorite brand.

I asked Meat Slicer (counter help) if they had Brand B. She sweetly said, “If it is not behind the glass, then we do not have it today.” My better sense told me that I should just say thank you and leave.

Instead, I asked if I could taste the only Mesquite Turkey Breast they had. “Sure,” said Meat Slicer. She proceeded to cut a slice for me to taste. I inspected it, smelled it, and tasted it. With a look of skepticism on my face, I said, “HM! Interesting!”

Excuse me, m’am. Are you sure this is Mesquite Turkey? It really tastes like ham. Meat Slicer inspected the wrapping that came from the chunk of mystery meat and said, “That’s what the label says.”

Reluctantly I said, “OK! I’ll have 1/2 pound sliced just like the sample you gave me.” Meat Slicer proceeds to slice away to complete my order. When she handed me the packaged Mesquite Turkey Breast, she said. “You know, must folks have told me the same thing about that turkey tasting like ham today.”

Moral of this true story.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, It is probably a duck even if some one labeled it a chicken.

Next time, I think I will go to the store that carries my favorite brand.

Hey, Carol! Is this meat from the freezer chicken or pork?

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