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Photography 101 – Day Eighteen: Edge & Alignment

Today’s assignment is to show an edge — a straight line, a narrow ridge, a precipice. A narrow ridge is a long, narrow, elevated strip of land or any raised strip or band. A precipice is a very steep rock face or cliff, typically a tall one. And an edge can be a transition from one surface to another – i.e., a shore line, or a cloud bank, or the horizon.

This was my first choice for the assignment. I did not like the clutter of highway signs at the bottom of the image. I did not want to just crop the bottom off and I am not adept at photo editing the ‘junk’ out of the photo. That is for another day. The photo would have been titled –  “The Edge Of Night”.

18e DSC_0075

The Edge of Night

Second choice for this assignment was a Southerly view from Interstate 40 about 5 miles West of Amarillo, Texas. The horizon in the Texas Panhandle is pretty flat, thus creating an edge. The cars seen in the photo is an iconic landmark on I-40 better known as the Cadillac Ranch. Click that link to read an earlier post that tells more about that.

18b DSC_0244

Cadillac Ranch
Amarillo, Texas

Searching for a more unique POV on the assignment, I walked to the South side of the 4th car from the right. Do you see that small splash of fuchsia in the following photo? There is a purple circle around it.

18c DSC_0237Let’s get closer. Do you see it yet?

18d DSC_0238That splash of fuchsia points to the object that is my focus for our assignment: Edge and Alignment. I just about had to stand on my head to get this shot to work. The sunshine was great but I stood behind my right shoulder. After a little creative staging and minor cropping, I am happy with the results. I present The Edge of Paint.

18a DSC_0230

The Edge of Paint

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Another Chapter Closing

It is time to close another chapter in our world of living on the road. We’ve met new people, made more new friends and have another place to return should we want to in the future. This has been a busy year for me. Carol had the opportunity to get her shoulder fixed. Since she was not working regularly she did some sewing and quilting in the Clubhouse. Her last job was finished last night in the ticket booth at the Haunted Trail in the water park.

At the end of March, we traveled north and encountered snow. This was a new experience for us Texans. Coming from Corpus Christi, snow was not a common sight.  Between Paducah, KY and  St. Louis, MO we were Searching for Spring and discovered that Winter was not over just yet. DSCN0304We arrived at Mark Twain Landing (MTL) and discovered Spring was going to be delayed. The weather stayed colder longer than normal for the season. Snow turned into rain. Storms surrounded us. We encountered a couple of tornado warnings and hunkered down in the central bathroom waiting for Mother Nature to unleash her wrath. MTL was spared but some of the farms in the area suffered damage to their barns and out buildings.


With the rain and melting snow from further North, we saw the Mighty Mississippi River at flood stage. Parts of Hannibal, MO were closed. Flood gates were up and kept the historic safe. We drove up to Lover’s Leap to get a good view of the river.

DSCN0362The water park (Splash Landing) had a slow start because the water temperature was slow to warm. Once the temperature warmed up, the crowds came and enjoyed the huge wave pool and slides.

SpalshLanding2013From repairing rotted floors and roofs, to laying tile, to cleaning window A/C units, to erecting a 40 foot fence, to replacing the sliding doors on 11 cabins with standard entry doors, to replacing worn out electrical service panels, I had plenty of work to keep me pretty busy.

Work summaryCarol enjoyed her time working on the gate in the RV park, ticket booth at Splash Landing and working with the Trail of Terror. Together we enjoyed leading Camper Church. We had great turnouts each week and received several comments from folks who enjoyed the messages.


We worked with some great people. Saying good-by was not easy. Many of these left shortly after Labor Day while we hung back for another month of work,

Workampers MTLMonday October 28th it was our turn to depart to a new destination. As the sun sets on this chapter of our journey, a new chapter awaits us at Tremont Campground.

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