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More Blog Tweaking

Today’s assignment in our Blogging101 class is to create and publish your About page, and adapt it for a widget on your home page.

What in the world is an “About” page. Simply stated an “About” page is an area on the website (or blog) where the writer says something “about” themselves and or the website (or blog).

In Tales from the WagginMaster, I included an About page and titled it “WHO WE ARE”. Can you find that page? Look above the top photo. You will see 4 items: HOME, CONTACT US, PLACES WE’VE STAYED and WHO WE ARE. Good, now if you click the link WHO WE ARE, it will take you to this blog’s “About Page”.

That part of the assignment was pretty easy – I had completed that when I started the blog in 2008. The second part of the assignment is to adapt it for a widget on the home page. A widget is sorta like an app. Just like an app for you phone, it is a short cut to something.

WordPress Widgets add content or features to the sidebar. If you look on either side of this post, you will see other content items that are static. Static meaning they stay on your display no mater what page or post you are viewing. Currently WordPress offers more than 50 widgets. I only use a few of them.

So, for the second part of the assignment, I had to adapt this blog’s “About” page for inclusion in a widget that I would appear at the top of one of the sidebars. I actually included two different types of widgets. At the top of left and right sidebars, are the two widgets. The only difference in them is where you have to click.

The idea in the adaptation is to make it sufficiently interesting so readers will want to click on it to get more information. This is what you do when you read a very short adaptation to a great book. If the adaptation does not get your attention, then you wont bother reading the book.

Hopefully, I was successful in adapting the About page. Please let me know what you think.

Now, there was a third element to this assignment that will be a work in progress. That element will take a bit of work.

Take your About page from “here’s a list of things about me” to “here’s a compelling story that will make you want to read more.”

As I read through the About page, I realize it does not tell a compelling story. It sorta defines who I am, and sort defines who my wife is. It really does not tell the reader much about what we do or why we do what we do. That part may take a while.

That’s a wrap for this post, I have one more to write on a different topic and did not want to mix Blogging101 with where we are headed after leaving Amarillo. Thanks for stopping by, y’all come back now.