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Weather Phenomenon

Last Sunday (Mar 1st), we experienced freezing fog – a weather phenomenon we’ve not seen before. Fog normally occurs when the difference between the air temperature and dew point is less than 4°F or 2.5°C.  (Dew point is the temperature at which moisture condenses and evaporates at the same rate.)

Freezing fog occurs when super chilled water droplets in the air freeze when contacting a frozen surface. Some times this creates a slick sheen of ice and other times it creates a crystalline structure.

Such was the case on Sunday. Amarillo had experienced several days with below freeing temperatures. This caused surface freezing. The humidity level rose to 96% which produced excess moister in the air. The water droplets then froze on contact with the frozen surfaces. Rather than producing a thin layer of ice, which would have occurred had the surface temperature been above freezing, the water droplets produced a crystalline structure. I was able to capture the beautiful scenery before the air temperature rose above freezing.

Click the first image to step through full size photos.

I hope you enjoyed viewing the photos as much as I did by seeing God’s artful creation.

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