Then There were Four

Today was our day off. That means we were able to sleep late. I got up at 7 and found Carol asleep in her recliner. Once I got the coffee going, Carol got up and went to bed. The pollen count up here has been off the charts and I am sure she has had difficulty getting rest at night. My eyes have been itchy, nose runny and sneezy for the past two weeks.

We took the opportunity this morning to visit a physician in town who can take care of this and other issues that may come up. Carol was the patient, and I the driver. After the doctor completed his exam and assessment, he told Carol he always asks his patients if there is anything he can pray for them or their family about. Carol said sure and he took time to pray for her right then. For us that was a good indication that he is the right physician for us while we are here.

We had a few errands to run, i.e., fill propane tank, stop by Home Depot to get multi-plug for RV, grab a bite of lunch, check out sources for dog food and restock fresh produce and veggies for the week. We got back to the farm about 2:30PM. While our doggies where out doing their thing, I sat out and enjoyed the afternoon. Something looked strange down at the boys barn. The harnesses normally hang on the gate. Two of them were missing. Hmmm, I need to ask Pam about that.

MM900282753In the mean while, Carol had gone over to the house to welcome Pam back from her weekend adventure. When Carol came back to the RV she told me Pam had sold Frankie and Brutus this morning. That explains the two missing harnesses. WAIT A MINUTE! My two favorite guys are gone. Pam sold them and did not consult with me. Bummer! Oh well, so goes live on the farm. It is best to not get attached to the commodities.

So long Brutus and Frankie, you will be missed.

 IMG 0743 IMG 0746

The mid-section of the US has endured severe storms for the past two day. Well, those storms are finally making their way to our neighborhood. So far we have had some light sprinkles. If that is all we get through the night, I will be happy. If it gets pretty crazy we will be OK in the RV. The storm is moving North East. We are parked on the North East side of the house so we have the house to block any hard winds that may blow through. We will close up our awning just in case the wind picks up.

It looks like we are going to spend the winter in Florida. Our kids are planning on a Disney World trip between Thanksgiving and end of the year. We are going to be looking for workamp opportunities in the Orlando, Kissimmee area. We will be leaving here around October 6 to head South. So if any of our readers know of any workamping opportunities we need to look at or places we need to avoid, please let us know.

We are planning a trip to Piney Flats in Northeast Tennessee to see a friend of ours but are not sure when that will happen. Plus our youngest daughter and grandson are looking into coming up here this summer. Did I mention we are going to have baby llamas in a couple of weeks? WOW. What an exciting job we have. While we miss our friends and the folks we worked with, we do not miss the work we left behind.

Thanks for stopping by.

One response to “Then There were Four

  1. Wow what a wonderful Doctor you found. I don't think I have ever met a Doctor who prays outside of church. Frankie and Brutus are too cute. I hope they went to a good home.

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